Yassas! (Hello in Greek!)

This past summer I stepped out of the studio to play and enjoy extra moments with my family. During that time, we went on one of the most exciting adventures of my life—traveling around the Greek isles!!!! By all means, experiencing such amazing moments with those I love is something I will always treasure.

Greece undoubtedly has breathtaking views every turn, delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients, and hospitality that’s unrivaled to any other place.

We visited Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Santorini, and Athens. It was the craziest, most fun whirlwind ever! In fact, this fast-paced itinerary was the perfect momentum for us. We crafted a balance between experiencing each place we visited while still feeling like we were truly island hopping! Some days were super active while others were more easy-going and laid-back.

Before too long, I plan to create a blog post for each island we visited. I’d like to highlight where we stayed, what we ate, and how we spent our hours. In the meantime, enjoy this small collection of images that give you a glimpse of our time while there. 🙂

I know when planning my Greek travels, I scoured every blog post I could find. Soon, I’ll be sharing highlights from each island and a packing list for the entire trip. Also, to see my Greece reel that has more photos from our 2-week travels smashed into 20 seconds, check it out here!

Cheers, or shall I say Yamas?!