RELEASE is my latest paper collection. It’s me sharing my art to bring a little extra sparkle and happy into the world.

My wise mentor told me a few years ago that “art is not created to be stored in basements.” Or, in my case—studio drawers! I confess that all too often I stay in creation mode and never get to the sharing part. So, this paper collection is the remedy to that!

There are 21 pieces (sized 7.75 x 10.25″) of brand new work or existing pieces with newly added finishing touches that are so excited to go out the door to new homes!

This collection is all on heavy 140lb cold pressed French paper created with a mix of acrylic, colored pencil, crayon, paint marker, paint pen, and/or graphite—depending on each unique piece—finished with a semi-glossy protective layer. I couldn’t be happier to release these guys from my studio drawers to your living and working spaces!

I love these pieces displayed individually or in groupings of two, three, four, or even all together—which I did briefly contemplate for my wall because it’d look so cool, but I want them to go into the world to spread joy!

To shop the RELEASE collection and see all 21 pieces in it, check it out at