carolyn's live event painting

I will bring the painting back to my studio to add any finishing touches, allow the piece to fully dry, get varnished, and have wiring added for easy display. 

Once the festivities fade, you can be forever in love with your original Carolyn Bowles artwork. It's a celebration of the super fun party you hosted for family and friends! 

6. Finishing touches.


Toward the end of your event, I will present your finished abstract painting to you—reflecting the colors, shapes, and vibe of the party. 


Now that we're all set with the details, you can simply relax, and enjoy the celebration! I'll arrive at our predetermined time to set up and start painting! I have everything I need so there's absolutely nothing for you to think about on the actual day when it comes to the live painting at your event. 

4. see you there! 

Once the details are settled, all that's required is a 50% deposit to secure your day and time. One week prior to the event, the second half is due. 


Once you share all the details about your party and decide to move forward, I'll create a custom creative brief so we are on the same page with the day, time, location, artwork size, cost, colors, and all other juicy details! 

2. approve the creative brief.

Drop me a note by clicking below, and I'll send you the Live Event Painting Questionnaire so you can share all about the fun party you're planning! I can't wait to hear every single detail—from the date and venue to the colors and magical vibe! This is also the time to ask away all the questions you might have for me about what it's like to have a live painter at your event. I can't wait to get to know each other! 

1. Tell me all about your party!

Did you know I'm super fun at a party?! It's true! I can document your special event with my paintbrush—infusing the colors, shapes, and vibes of your celebration.

Whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate event, or just a cool gathering, I'm there to bring extra color, joy and uniqueness.

Read below to see the steps to make it all happen! 

I'M INTERESTED IN event painting!

I'M INTERESTED IN event painting!

Live event painting pricing starts at $500 based on your preferred artwork size and hours of your event. Drop me a note and I'll send you the event questionnaire to get us started working together! 


Let 's party together!

Drop me a note!