I moved furniture (including my easel!), organized paints, rearranged supplies, picked up fresh plants, set out my new smock, and am loving it all! I want to bring you along to see the details, and learn the reasons why I situated it all a certain way.

Each rolling cart is organized with tons of art supplies in order of how I use them. The first cart is filled with my personal journals which is how I start each day before I ever even get painting. The very top is one of my favorite spots in the studio. It’s home to colorful mugs and vases repurposed as holders for mixed media materials. The second and third carts are filled with all the mediums used to prep and finish my boards—sealer, gesso, painter’s tape, varnish, hardware, and photography gear. The fourth and final cart serves as a mailing station for packaging up art orders and getting them out the door.

I also broke apart my big workstation that was in the middle of the room. It’s amazing how much more space I have now in the studio! One of the paper trays that was part of the work station is now a painting table. The wide drawers keep all my paints and papers tidy while the top is the perfect surface for holding brushes, water, and a palette—all conveniently located right next to my easel.

The other part of the former workstation now extends my desk. It stores finished artwork and more packaging supplies. I love how there’s a special space on the top for my blue paint box from the 80’s and a spot for office supplies like scissors, stapler, tape, and glue. Above my desk sits a vintage geometrical shelf that I picked up from the flea market, repainted, and now use to display sentimental items (including the paints used for my very first art collection!)

A favorite in the studio that I have no plans of changing are my beloved IKEA peg boards. It’s super fun to be able to arrange my art pieces with the removable hooks as well as colorful supplies. It was a sweet gift from my husband one year for Christmas—installation included!

And, finally, I made sure to pick up new green plants! Having fresh air and natural elements (including the sunlight that streams into the windows each morning) make it a special place I enjoy spendings lots of hours each day.