HAVE MORE FUN! That’s my mantra for the new year. I started living this way last year and I want MORE OF IT!

It’s such a good feeling to do what inspires in the moment, be present in each day, try new things, and have a blast while doing it all.

I’m choosing to show up each morning and soak in the beautiful, magical hours we are blessed with on this earth. I’m ready to move and do big things! In fact, I’m coming off one of the best business (and life) seasons ever and I know it’s because I recognized how each day is a gift. I made the choice to show up and do big things in it! Now my days are intentional and moments are peaceful because I’m doing what I love and am in the flow. That means some days are filled with lots of rest and others are hard core dreaming, planning, and doing!

To be practical, here are 5 things I’ve incorporated to have more fun in business, and in life:

1. Journal morning pages.

I’ve always journaled prayers to Jesus during my morning bible time. But, journaling about my art, business, dreams, goals, ideas, and visions is a new addition. I think it’s so important and I’ve shared this piece of advice with those I’ve been coaching too as it’s been so transformative for me. Plus, lingering with a cup of coffee snuggled on the couch for a little extra time is always a win!

2. Do whatever I feel like doing.

When I first decided to try this I thought will I get anything done?! But, surprisingly, I did! And, I was having fun doing it too! I started looking at my tasks as things I need to get accomplished by the end of the week and gave myself the freedom to do it whenever inspiration hit. This meant some days I was painting all day in the studio while other days were spent on photography editing, getting a little extra rest, or meeting a friend for coffee. As I did things that I actually felt like doing, it was all so much more enjoyable, fruitful, and impactful. Lesson learned. Don’t force fit things. Go with the flow!

3. Turn it off at night.

As a business owner, it’s so easy to work all. the. time. But, it’s so important to turn it off at night. I’m grateful I have a studio I can enter and leave (and yes, it’s just a converted office space in our home), but it’s a separate space. It’s good to clean up at the end of the day and turn off the lights. I get filled up with family time, reading for fun, working on personal projects, and getting a good night’s rest.

4. Take care of myself.

I started walking outside every single day and it became my personal time to not only get exercise, but to breathe in the fresh air, clear my head, and just relax. Do what makes you feel good and whatever energizes you. I also recognize when I just need some down time to do something totally unrelated to my business. If it’s planned and intentional, you can do it guilt-free too! Bonus!

5. Not worry what others think.

I gave myself freedom and space to just be me. I learned through this not only is it okay to evolve and grow, but it’s a good thing! I saw that I was carrying this weight on my shoulders of being the person I’ve always been to others. When I gave myself room to fully be me and try new things and expand, everything started to be more fun! We are meant to always be growing, learning, educating, moving and doing!


If I’m completely honest with myself, in recent years I had been dragging through my weeks thinking every day is the same and that I can check off my to-do list tomorrow. I’m so happy that kind of living is in the past because days quickly add up to weeks and months and before you know it, a lifetime. I’m happy to have made this change in just having more fun! I mean, why not?! I look forward to what this brings this year and in the future!

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