artist's statement


I see the world as a dreamy place brimming with color and light. I translate this optimism into abstract art with happy colors, organic shapes, confetti paint splatters, mixed media bursts, and playful movement. 

To know my work, is to know me. In turn, I love the unspoken conversation that takes place when a viewer finds a piece they identify with that can reflect tell his/her/their too. That's where the true magic happens. 


While creating this collection, I tuned out everything in the world so I could listen to my true self. To allow an inner voice to be my guide——revealing all the bright colors, yummy textures, organic shapes, and bold energy that was meant to be in each piece. 

And now as I release these works into the world, it becomes all about YOUR VOICE. What is important to you? How does it make you feel? Ways it can tell your story? It's this exchange of stories and conversations that take place between artist and collector that's so magical and powerful. 



the collection