artist's statement


I see the world as a dreamy place brimming with color and light. I translate this optimism into abstract art with happy colors, organic shapes, confetti paint splatters, mixed media bursts, and playful movement. 

Bright acrylic paints (and ever so often a favorite pop of blush pink) invite the viewer into an idyllic world. Mixed media markings in the form of oil pastels, wax pencils, markers, and graphite add texture, grit, and an authentic voice. It's this well-planned, controlled motion juxtaposed with surprising spontaneous sparks that create interest——just as in life. It all comes together on a happy note with the conclusion that there is good in all things. 

To know my work, is to know me. In turn, I love the unspoken conversation that takes place when a viewer finds a piece they identify with that can reflect his or her story too. That's where the true magic happens. 


When the pandemic hit the globe and the world shut down, I instinctively knew the time was now to create the art I had tucked deep down inside of me for so many years. Digging out my acrylic paints from the 80's (which by the way sentimentally makes a few appearances in these pieces), I got to work. In what's been such a dark time in modern history, I present bright optimism in the form of happy colors, playful shapes, and authentic bursts of texture. 



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