So, this has never happened, but I couldn’t help the floodgates of tears from simply breaking open a little while editing this adorable family session.
The love in this family. The smiles. The hugs. The laughter. The fun. The personalities. All that mixed with the knowledge that time marches on in a blink just got me. I see myself in these images with my own girls, which is why this gallery presses on my heart so much.

I’m so incredibly happy that this family got professional photos on that day. That day. That beautifully perfect, crazy in the moment, high energy, silly day. That we documented it all and paused time. So grateful this family connected with me to do this session.
I urge everyone not to allow this season in life to pass and get caught up in busyness, perfection, and distraction.


Live in the moment. We are blessed to be on this earth right now with each other!


I know that’s heavy for a Friday afternoon post, but I’m feeling moved with emotion and love that the shine of what I do never wears off. Take joy in the festivities of this weekend and linger in these sweet days.


That Day We Paused Time