My heart loves seeing portraits actually printed! That’s why I’m always searching for top-notch stunning photo products. It brings me such joy to see your images off your device and into your home, or in this case, mailbox!

So when Basic Invite asked me to check out their holiday cards, I knew this could be a beautiful find! Basic Invite is made of up a rockstar team in Saint George, Utah who are dedicated to creating that perfect card for you to mail this holiday season. The best part?


YOU get to be the actual designer!


From start to finish you can create exactly what you envision with ease. I feel like this is what I’ve been wanting for my clients forever. So, to make sure it’s all good as it sounds, I tried it myself. And let me tell you, the entire Basic Invite experience was so dreamy!

You simply choose one of the many designs on their website, upload your own image, and customize to your heart’s content. The possibilities are nearly limitless! You can easily personalize text, adjust your images, and choose just about any color you like for each element in your design—with over 180 colors available! Additional features include designing a back to your card, choosing fancy raised foil, or selecting color-coordinated envelopes. I love that as you work, you can see each customization immediately. Seriously, it’s like having a sophisticated design software program right at your fingertips and you’re the pro!

But what’s an awesome card design experience without knowing how the actual cards print? Well, to make sure you’re 100% happy with your card before sending to Aunt Sue or Grandma Rose or everyone on your holiday list, Basic Invite allows you the option to order a sample card and have it shipped to you. This is what I did to make sure I could shout from the soon-to-be snowy rooftops just how amazing this card company is!

And what I received in the mail was a beautiful collection of stunning, thick, high-quality cards with spot-on color printing that I’m excited to show off today. I chose to create 3 holiday cards and just to be ahead of the curve, 2 senior graduation announcements too! They are all shown below and feature real people from my 2020 portrait sessions. I’m super happy, and proud, of these creations. For me, I loved that I was able to maintain my minimalistic vibe of simple black and white text in modern, clean fonts that complement my branding aesthetic and the way I personally design all my holiday cards.

To get started in the spirit of gift giving, I have a coupon code you can use today to order that holiday party invitation or those photo christmas cards! Simply enter 15FF51 upon checkout and create your holiday cards online with ease. If you do decide to order, let me know by tagging @carolynbowlesco on Instagram or Facebook! Check out my creations below!


While this is a sponsored post, I only recommend brands I totally believe in, and this is one of them. To learn more about Basic Invite, visit their social media pages shared below and tell them I sent you!





Basic Invite Holiday Cards