I laughed so hard during my time with this sweet family. They just make you feel warm and loved right away. I’m super grateful they chose me to document their time together—soft, fluffy dogs and all!

Let me tell you it can be quite the challenge to pull older kids together to be in front of the camera at the same time. Between work hours, being away at college (go Miami U!), and high school commitments, it’s not always easy to get schedules lined up for a photo session. But I’m truly honored the kids made it happen for their mom and family.

Having everyone there was so special and I know because of that these portraits will be cherished for a lifetime.

The crazy part is that they booked the morning of our session due to happenings out of their control so we pulled this session together in just mere hours! Things don’t usually work out that way, but glad it did here! It makes me happy to know I was able to love and serve a family in a last-minute kind of way.

And, if you live in Cincinnati, you’ll be seeing more of this sweet, smart, amazing mom. She’s running for Hamilton County Judge in 2020! Look for Karen Falter making waves in our city this upcoming year!

Loads of laughs & love