Are you headed to the pumpkin patch with friends or family soon? Here are 8 tips to help you get the best photos to document your time together:

  1. Place your subject with their back to the sun so their face has a nice, soft, even light created from the shade.

 2. While taking the traditional smiley photo with your subject’s pumpkin of choice, be sure to also document the whole experience out in the field—even if some of those photos might initially look like ones to delete. They could become the moments you’ll want to remember the most.

(For instance below, the photo on the right is cute and smiley with her pumpkin of choice, which is adorable. On the left, however, it tells more of the story—showcasing her joy as she struggles to carry such a large pumpkin.)

3. Get some wide (far away) shots so you can see the whole scene of the pumpkin patch and your subjects interacting with their environment.

4. Don’t just wait for your subjects to stand and pose. Shots where your subjects aren’t looking are just as sweet and memorable!

5. Jump in the photos yourself! Toss the camera or phone to another person (even a friendly stranger) and get in there too! The people you’re with will be glad to have photos with you in them.

6. Take it outside the pumpkin patch. Look for other cute, shaded areas for that nice, even light on the farm for photos!

7. Document the details about the day such as the apple cider, the food, the band, or whatever other activities are taking place around you.

(It’s fun to remember these moments and looks cute in an album layout!)

8. Laugh and have fun yourself! The more fun you’re having, the more everyone else will relax and enjoy themselves—all leading to more natural, genuine images.

So, grab your camera and those you love and head to the pumpkin patch this weekend!

Pumpkin Patch Photography Tips