160917_blog04160917_blog01160917_blog02160917_blog03160917_blog05160917_blog06I had a blast with this senior (and because he happens to be my nephew, I can say how amazingly handsome he is) on the golf course the other day. We hopped in a cart, drove all around the course searching for perfect light, and laughed the whole time doing it. I used to golf but haven’t in years. I must say, however, I think the best part is riding in the cart with the cool breeze and fun people. What a treat on a hot evening! Besides, Drew’s form when hitting a golf ball is way better than I could have ever done. His mom and I were super impressed! The whole night was perfect from start to finish with gorgeous portraits taken along the way. Thank you Drew for entrusting me to document this very special time in your life. Can’t wait to hear all about homecoming tonight!