I received a quick text from this sweet momma when she was in the hospital and had just given birth to her new baby girl Charlotte asking if we could create a session for her within the next few days. I love squeezing in something so special as this! We were actually able to make it happen four days after she was born. We had plans to photograph in the brand new nursery, but when dark clouds and storms rolled in we decided the light would be better outside for portraits. So glad we did! The mom called a local farm earlier that day to ask if we could use their property for photography. They said yes and we politely discovered perfect little spots for portraits. I love when we can move toward an inspired idea and be adventurous. The risk of something unique usually pays off and here it definitely did! Looking at the images you would have never guessed we had to wait for the rain to stop, battle a foggy camera lens, slather on bug spray, and take breaks for lightning. In the end, it’s all utterly gorgeous! I’ve had the privilege of photographing this family several times and I am always blown away by their genuine love for each other. All the kids wanted to hold their baby sister so they each took turns holding her. Every sibling was so proud and happy to be with her. It was really fun to watch her go from one set of loving arms to the next. My camera followed her movement among all the family members and it turned out to be a beautiful collection of warm, loving portraits. This is exactly how I love newborn photography sessions to take place—lifestyle images that showcase and celebrate a tiny new creation in the midst of those who love her most.

Welcome Charlotte

  1. Jane says:

    Absolutely love the pictures of Baby Charlotte and her beautiful family. The setting was perfect for this special event. The message of “love” comes through in these wonderful photos!