Ah, I love when the stars align and a session is just simply amazing! Paige is a gorgeous, smart, friendly, kind, big-hearted (and the list goes on) senior who was at such ease and rocked in front of the camera. She felt comfortable to just be herself and I think her sweet, bubbly personality shines through every image as a result. She’s so stunning and I love that she could’t be serious without cracking up, that her smile lights up the whole space around her, and that she has such a genuine spirit. While planning for our session, Paige had expressed she’d like to be photographed in a field, and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect. The lighting magically melted into a soft glow as we played in the tall grass, flowers, and around the trees. Paige’s mom was with us and seemed to have the ability to sit back and allow us to do our thing while also adding in some cool, fun ideas for our time together. I love that all were up for the adventure, were super relaxed, and just enjoyed this special time! This session was a blast to photograph and I’m beyond thrilled with the images. Best wishes to you Paige as you start senior year. Thank you for trusting me to document such a big event in your life.