There’s nothing quite like a sleeping baby…


or pink ruffles and tiny toes and sweet smiles….120411_blog_03

or stretching and cooing….120411_blog_07or wide eyes exploring her surroundings…120411_blog_05

or the love of family. 120411_blog_06

When this mom of four called me to photograph her new baby, she requested we get it on the calendar as soon as possible before her baby starts to change too much. I know that feeling of wanting to capture the early days and make them stand still as newborns seem to change by the hour. 🙂 I was so happy to make a special spot for this little baby girl and have the opportunity to photograph her. As you can see from the images above, she is such a sweet baby. It was such a joy to see each sibling hold her and interact with her in such a gentle way. This baby will have lots of love in her life for sure.

One Month Old

  1. Sally says:

    What an adorable baby! I wish I had awesome images of these of my kids when they were young. I really missed out and regret it to this day … I’m sure mom will love and cherish these! (love the ones of her stretching!)

  2. Cindy says:

    Such a sweet session, Carolyn! I love all the moments you captured…truly the ones as moms that we want to remember… when our babies are so tiny and new. Wonderful work, as always!!

  3. piper kinney says:

    Oh Carolyn, your images are beautiful as always…I love the light in this session and that sweet baby!!!

  4. gwen says:

    oh, these are just SO sweet! I especially love the sibling photos – they are adorable. Wonderful session, Carolyn!

  5. Erin Lang says:

    So beautiful as always Carolyn. I love your style of photographing newborns so softly and sweetly. wonderful!

  6. Wiff says:

    What a beauty! I love absolutely all of these images. I know the family must be proud!

  7. Ann Westerman says:

    What gorgeous images of a beautiful little baby! Such special memories of an adorable family and you’ve captured that joy perfectly Carolyn!