What a lovely baby! I just adore her blushing cheeks, warm smile, sparkling eyes, and sweet personality. This little babe is the fourth child in her family, and adds so much joy to everyone. I photographed her brothers and sister last year so it was super fun to return and focus just on her. I could have snapped photos of her for hours. She is just that sweet. But yes, we did also find the time to get all the kids and even mom and dad in on the fun.


I love that the family portraits we took that day are of the kids genuinely having fun. I enjoy that they are being themselves—funny, silly, happy, and sweet. I feel we documented who they are in real life and as a family. And that makes me so happy.

Since meeting and photographing this family for the first time last year, I have grown to know them better and just think the world of them. Thanks for inviting me back to photograph your sweet baby girl and everyone together. It truly is an honor. I can’t wait to add a few special canvases to your gorgeous wall gallery!

Sweet Family

  1. gwen says:

    Oh my, these are just so sweet! I absolutely love the ones of the little baby’s hands. Precious!

  2. Joyce Boatwright says:

    Four of the most darling pictures I’ve seen. So precious! I love them all.

  3. Cathy Kuester says:

    In my dreams, I wish I had the talent to record these memories as you can. They are wonderful!
    Of course the subjects make it easy!!!
    Can you tell I’m a little bias – it truly is a beautiful work of art – both the pictures and the participants!