071111_blog_01_layersToday I thought I’d share how custom photography can become artwork for your home. I love how this simple, yet oh so sweet canvas, creates a warm, special environment for a baby nursery. Placed just high enough above the yellow crib where tiny hands cannot reach, it becomes a stunning focal point for mommy, daddy, and even baby to enjoy. Yes, this baby has been known to simply giggle and giggle when looking at the portrait. So fun! This particular canvas is a 20 x 30 and is just the right size for this tiny room.

Baby Nursery Canvas

  1. Rachel Clare says:

    LOVE! What a perfect image to have above the crib.

  2. piper kinney says:

    LOVE this image – perfect for the space. Cute baby too!

  3. gwen says:

    Oh, this is so fantastic! Love this image – it’s absolutely perfect above the crib. What a fun room!