Playing with this family all morning the other weekend was pure joy. This sweet sister and brother duo are so good to each other and were just a ball to hang out with. We climbed old tree stumps, rode bikes, colored with sidewalk chalk, played on the swings and slide, had a game of red light/green light and even made a few wishes on dandelions. Wow, my job is great! All along the way I loved documenting special images of a day in the life of these kids at home. The photos I chose to feature on the blog are so lovely to me because of the warm feeling they evoke. The sun breaking through all the trees reminds me of the radiance in the hearts of these adorable little ones and the love this family shares together. Oh, and the cool shoes worn by dad and son are just so much fun too. I love fun, personal details like that!

Pure Radiance

  1. Nikki says:

    AMAZING! Already recommending you, you were a delight and the end result is more than I expected… thank you so much for capturing this special time in our family’s life.

  2. Paulette Harris says:

    Pure Radiance is an apt caption for this radiantly loving family, Carolyn. You did a wonderful job capturing the essence of their joyously sunny and warm energy. Great family! Great job!


  3. Cindy says:

    So fun!!! My favorite is the one with big sister’s arm around little brother and his adorable smile. 🙂 I love the location too!