Thank you to all my blog readers for being patient with my lack of posts this past winter. I have been away spending extra time and attention on my own family, which has been a wonderful blessing. I am grateful to all my wonderful clients (who are all moms too), friends, and family for granting me some time away.

I absolutely love photographing families throughout the year and helping them preserve the special memories in their lives together. So at the start of 2011, I decided to spend some focused time with my own family, creating our own memories. I feel so joyful, at peace, and like all is right with the world. In other words, very refreshed and ready to start participating in the world again.

The above photographs are of my own personal journal I started this year to keep track of all the funny things my kids say, the magical things we do together, and simply the everyday things that happen on a daily basis (all of which always seem to warm my heart). This journal has been so much fun and the best part is that there’s a space to write every day for five years! I look forward to future years when I can write in new memories while at the same time laughing at what I had written previous years. Take a look at the photos to see how it works. As I journal about my family, I always think of all the moms out there who would love this too! Definitely something to jot down on your mother’s day list.

And speaking of all those moms out there, I am starting to book again for your kids and family’s photo sessions. I am starting to fill up for spring and summer so if you’d like to book, now’s the perfect time!

My Personal Journal

  1. Sally Clark says:

    Awww, Carolyn. Life moves too fast sometimes. Super important to snuggle with those sweet babies when they’re little … I know you know how fast they grow! We keep a quote book at our house … Brian writes down all the funny things the kids say and do … the kids are always asking him to go back and read it. It is an heirloom at our house and the first thing Brian would grab (other than people and dogs) in a fire.

  2. Melissa Surprise says:

    So happy to have you back. Can’t wait to see the picture stories you bring us this year

  3. That is so great! I have been so bad about recording things since I had #3!