Some families just warm your heart. This is one of them. Big sister O is so tender and sweet to her baby brother that you simply can’t help but smile. I love how she kissed him, held him, and ran circles all around him. I know when he gets bigger they will be the best playmates. This mommy and daddy are so blessed with an amazing family, and I took such joy in spending the afternoon with them at the park. We had one of those evenings when the sun fades into the sky and casts a warm glow all around. What a perfect way to end a gorgeous autumn day. And, today is this momma’s birthday so I am extra happy to post a sneak peek of session images on the blog for her to see. Enjoy, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warms My Heart

  1. sharon says:

    Super cute Carolyn – the lighting is perfect! How did you capture such terrific moments? I love the relaxed interaction too! Some families know how to do it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. piper kinney says:

    your images always make me smile Carolyn…beautiful images of a beautiful family!

  3. A beautiful family! Great pictures – and they color-coordinate with your website so perfectly!!

  4. Barb says:

    Just love this – its been so lovely following you. Your work is just lovely.