I was really happy to photograph these adorable twin sisters shortly after they celebrated their first birthday. These sweet little girls and their mommies were so much fun to spend the day with at their lovely home. We had tons of fun playing with toys, tickling on the bed, and going outside to pick dandelions. And, while these twins don’t exactly look alike, I still can’t get over their stunning blue eyes. These girls truly are beautiful in more ways than one.



I love this family portrait in front of a fun yellow wall. In fact, it’s the outside of their mid-century home. Gorgeous.


I also couldn’t stop snapping away at all the fun artwork in their home. I love the above piece titled “sisters” as it’s so fitting for these two girls. I also love the “rowdy” sign that prominently hangs in their baby nursery as well as all the other unique collections they have displayed on several walls.


This smiling sister was the quiet, reserved one throughout the session. I love in this image that she just can’t contain herself and starts to giggle. She really shines in this family portrait and I love that. Can’t you just feel the fun?


We lucked out with a beautiful day where we got to go outside and bask in the gorgeous sun streaming through the trees. We sat the girls in a wonderful patch of dandelions — some were picked, some were eaten. I love sweet memories like that with one-year olds.


Thank you ladies for a perfect day.

Twin Sisters

  1. sharon says:

    Wow – I have been waiting with baited breath to see these images. And the whole experience of seeing your images did not disappoint. From the Tea Collection dresses – complementary and not overly matchy-matchy – to the great design of the house. And the radiance of all the people in the pictures. Carolyn, you’ve captured everything so perfectly. The colors, the smiles, the light, the day. Perfect!

    By the way – Amy and Betsy – your house is gorgeous. Submit the nursery photos to Apartment Therapy asap.

  2. Rachel Olsen says:

    Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous group of ladies. I adore the house and you did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the day. Beautiful!!

  3. Wiff says:

    These are beautiful! I know they must be proud of these cute things!

  4. Jane Combs says:

    So adorable! They should model for the collection, seriously. Great moments you captured.

  5. Wow – GORGEOUS colors!! What a beautiful family and these images are going to be priceless memories for them! Stunning work Carolyn!

  6. Lauri says:

    Beautiful colors!! What a couple of cuties!!

  7. Cindy Chen says:

    Wow Carolyn! What a fantastic session and beautiful momemnts you captured. I love the yellow wall family portrait! So fun!

  8. gwen says:

    What fun! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Gorgeous!

  9. Melissa says:

    LOVE the colors in their outfits. Are they TEA Collection? These girls have some beautiful blue eyes!

  10. Erin Lang says:

    i love how the moms are laughing in the background as the quiet, reserved one cheeses for the camera. Such a sweet moment captured so perfectly. Really well done.