I am so excited to share my new camera tote bag with everyone! I spied it last year online and just had to have it. Well, so did everyone else apparently because there was a waiting list. Nonetheless, my husband told me to get on the list and said he’d buy one for me as an anniversary present. It was just too perfect for taking around town, on trips, and to all those school events. And I was right, it’s absolutely divine! I used it the other day when out and about with my family and it worked like a charm. Thanks emera, and hubby! See the images below and then my more specific description of how everything fits so neat and tidy inside (and the scoop on how to get one!)


Here’s the nitty gritty on these awesome camera totes:

• the outside is a classic, yet modern black quilted material
• the top has a super zipper enclosure. it zips while still allowing you the space to shut the bag. smart design.
• the inside is made of a sleek canvas material that holds so much stuff — you’ll see I put in it my camera with lens attached on one side (protected by all the velcro padding that comes with the bag) and then my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and whatever else I needed for the day on the other side.
• the inside even comes with a sleeve for your laptop (or in my case, baby wipes and bibs) and a zippered pouch which housed all my extra batteries, cleaning supplies, and compact flash cards.
• on each side of the bag is a pocket. i found one side perfect for my iPhone and the other side perfect for a tube of lipgloss. easy access to both!
• and then I just love the little strap that fits beautifully on my arm.

Now, where to get these lovelies? Check them out at www.emerabags.com. And, Nathiya, the brilliant designer, even has them in stock. So, grab one up fast!

My New Camera Tote

  1. gwen says:

    This looks fantastic Carolyn – thanks so much for the gorgeous shots of your lovely new bag!

  2. Cara says:

    LOVE IT! I am addicted to bags and this looks like something I need but probably want more. Do you use it even when you don’t have your camera wit you (if that ever happens)? Looks like this good be a good Mother’s Day gift…

  3. Carolyn says:

    Yes, this is a perfect mother’s day gift! Good thinking! Right now I only use it when I have my camera, which is often. As your little one gets older you will love taking it to the playground, preschool, dance classes, and so many other family outings. It’s a wonderful bag. And, I hear she’s coming out with new fresh colors this April. Let me know if you get one!

  4. Jane Combs says:

    I want one! Maybe if I start with the bag, the new camera will magically appear?!?

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  6. Lauri says:

    Very cute carolyn! And great product shots too! (still loving the flowers!!)