Upon entering this family’s house just before Christmas, I fell in love with all their holiday decorations, burning fireplaces, and huge 16 foot tree. I knew this was a fun, festive family who would be a joy to spend the morning with. And I was right! We had a ball with the three sweet, kind, and playful kids. (Well, the oldest is more like a teen, but he was super cool and really didn’t seem to mind playing with his siblings for a few shots.) Yes, they were all so wonderful. We started the morning focusing on just the littlest guy then moving into images of all three and finally ending with the sister showing off her pink room. From the big round eyes of the baby’s face to the sister’s shy smile to the oldest initiating games and fun, we documented special moments for this very special family. Thanks for a great day.









Christmas with Family

  1. Jane Combs says:

    The hat photo in front of the tree is great. So creative!

  2. Melissa says:

    Just awesome! The babies eyes look like glass, the little girl, so sweet, and one proud big brother.

    Great work!

  3. Beautiful images Carolyn! I love the images of the little girl in her bedroom. Gorgeous colors!

  4. Rachel Olsen says:

    What fantastic moments! I adore the first one- those eyes are to die for! And the Christmas tree shot is fabulous. Wonderful work! Best, Rachel

  5. Rachel Clare says:

    Yep- that Christmas tree shot is perfect! And I love the ones of this pretty girl in her room. 🙂

  6. Wiff says:

    These are so so so cute!!!!

  7. Candace Sheets says:

    Looks like you have such fun on your shoots! Love the shot in front of the tree (is that tree upside down?)