When a mom from New York City contacted me for a session, I was so glad our schedules coordinated. I would be in town that weekend and was happy to squeeze in a session. So, we scheduled our time together and crossed our fingers for good weather. Well, the gods must have been on our side that morning as I woke to a warm sun and gorgeous light. Yes, I knew right then and there it’d be a good day. I then hopped into the cab that would take me to the beautiful old steps that led to the family’s apartment. It wasn’t long before buzzing their front door that I was greeted by the most amazing mom, dad, and kids. They were so friendly, full of smiles, and up for anything. In short, my kind of people! We strolled from their place toward Central Park—stopping along the way to take in the unique architecture, flower shops, bright yellow taxis, and all the things that surround their everyday world. Once in the park, we enjoyed doing things kids love to do such as climbing rocks, jumping in leaves, picking up sticks, and taking a visit to the playground. The park was filled with kids, families, and dogs. It was such a vibrant place to be on such a beautiful day.

Whoever says taxi cab drivers aren’t friendly hasn’t met this one. This guy was so nice to allow us to photograph his cab. Here, he’s making googly faces for little miss j.


This corner flower shop is just a short walk from their apartment. Beautiful!


I love the joy that exudes from these kids’ faces as they walk the city streets they call home.


Ah, the park is loads of fun. Everyone loved playing with the leaves, saying hello to all the doggies, and partaking in the slide and swings. Mr j pretended the big rocks were pirate ships. You had to be on the rocks to be safe from the sharks. Yes, he had quite the imagination. Made our time together even more fun to play!





Thank you p family for being the most gracious hosts. It was a big treat to meet all of you!

NYC Family Session

  1. Rachel Olsen says:

    What a fabulous shoot! I can only hope for nice weather for my visit in Jan. I love the shots walking down the street- such joy! I hope that you had some great relaxing time too while you were out there! Wishing you the best, Rachel

  2. Cara says:

    Fabulous shots Carolyn! I love how you capture the joy and happiness each time.

  3. Kelly says:

    Wow! I love the colors in the flower shop photo. The flowers themselves with all the blues and greens in the steps are amazing, not to mention the beautiful children! You are soooo good at what you do Carolyn!

  4. What a fun session! I love how in all of your sessions the children are always so relaxed and having so much fun. You capture such genuine expressions. And the colors are gorgeous!!

  5. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to shoot in NY! How fun!