The mix of all elements for our session couldn’t be more perfect. The warm autumn air. Sweet as pie boys. Parking lots just waiting to be used as marvelous backdrops. Ice cream cones from the best parlor in town. Mommy & daddy excited and ready for anything. Yes, all the stars aligned for a fantastic session. I truly loved every moment with this family. Looking at the images just reminds me how great they really are as individuals and together as a unit. Glad I had the opportunity to meet and spend the day with them.



This is a classic image to me—all the boys together, yet totally doing their own thing.


I love these individual shots too. These boys were so happy to run around and play. I simply snapped away at them having fun.



Even a dingy old parking lot becomes beautiful when graced with an awesome family. The guard rail was a perfect place for this family to kick back together. I love this setting and image—especially knowing mommy & daddy used to live in this part of town.


These boys are so good to each other. It warms your heart to see.


I adore the casualness of this photo. The boys totally into their ice cream cones while mommy & daddy catch a break. I was so happy it was warm enough for ice cream that day as an end-of-session treat. I mean, how often is it nearly 70 degrees this time of year in Ohio?


Thanks again f family for a great day! Your online slideshow will be ready in just a few days.

Ice Cream Cones

  1. Jane Combs says:

    Great! I didn’t even notice the setting, I was too busy looking at their beautiful eyes. 🙂

  2. gwen says:

    What a fun photo session! It looks like everybody had such a great time together, and you captured some gorgeous photos of all of them. Beautiful!

  3. You have such a clarity to your photos that most photographers strive for…these are amazing!!!

  4. piper kinney says:

    Will you come to Texas and shoot my family?
    I love these images, great job as always!