I looove halloween. There’s always been something about the crisp fall air when little ghouls, goblins and fairies get to fly free in the neighborhood. The sweet stickiness of candy filling the brim of your plastic orange pumpkin. And the way everyone’s excitement lights up the dark streets. It’s all so magical. Soon the sun will be going down and our jack-o-lanterns will come alive with their silly, scary, happy, toothless smiles. Their illumination will brighten the porch, and our hearts.


Pumpkin Time!

  1. Cindy Chen says:

    Happy Halloween!!! All the pumpkins are so cute (especially that one on the left)!

  2. I bet yours is the big happy smile on the right! Nice and happy like you.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Yes, mine is the smiley face one!!!

  4. Tracy Larsen says:

    What a sweet Halloween memory!