This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever had! For one, it was at the beach. Two, it was five fantastic boys. Three, it was so carefree and relaxed. I truly loved running around the beach with you K family, playing bocce ball, splashing in the water, and just feeling the sand between my toes. Yes, all while shooting! What a treat to squeeze in a session during my own family travels to Delaware. (side note: If anyone ever wants a session in the Philly, Jersey, Delaware, or the New York area, just let me know. I will be open to doing sessions on the east coast—or anywhere really—if there is interest to have a bunch of sessions in one spot.)

K family, your zest for life is simply contagious. I didn’t want our time together to end. I left feeling extra loved and inspired. Your boys are amazing and adorable all at the same time. I can see the love between each and every one of you. The feeling of warmth that exudes your family is so wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to share in a snippet of your everyday. Your world together is as colorful as the shirts you all wore. By the way, will someone tell izod how cute these kids are in their classic shirts?!


These five boys are simply amazing. It was a joy to meet each one of you.



This mom is super cool and laid back. Guess you have to be with five boys, right? Well, she makes me want to go with the flow more in my own life. She is just fantastic with her kids and husband. So fun to watch through my lens.


This family portrait makes me smile. I love how much life is in it and that the kids are simply being themselves. Well worth getting soaked by a few waves that crashed a little too close. Thanks K family going along with everything and being up for anything.


Fun in the Sun

  1. Lauri says:

    Wow Carolyn, these are absolutely amazing!! The colors are beautiful and you did an amazing job at capturing ‘them’!

  2. Rachel Clare says:

    So vibrant! These radiate joy!!

  3. Wow, Carolyn – I’m blown away by these vibrant, fun family photos! Looks like everyone had such a fabulous time, and I’m sure the family will treasure them forever.

  4. Cara says:

    Great photos Carolyn! You do an amazing job and the family is just beautiful.

  5. Tracy Larsen says:

    These are fantastic!!!!! Love all the fun colors and great shots. Makes me want 5 boys… 😉

  6. Jane Combs says:

    I’m sending this to friends that vacation there too!! 🙂 Great.

  7. Sharon McCafferty says:

    I cannot get over how beautiful your clients are! One family is as radiant as the next! These images look great – natural, relaxed, happy and lovely. Thanks for letting us sneak a peek!

  8. Megan Erickson says:

    The k fam pictures are so cute. I love all the bright colors! you really captured all the boys personalities in them. such a great job! –Meg

  9. Ang says:

    Love the last family picture- they look like they need to be on a cover for Izod!

  10. What a super fun session on the beach. 5 boys!!! Wow. Such a wonderful job and I love the bright colors of the shirts.

  11. Kelly says:

    How refreshing to see beach pictures in everything BUT white and kacky!!!! These are amazing! Truly captures what it must be like to have a family of 5 boys.

  12. Cindy Chen says:

    I absolutely love these beach images!!! The colors just pop and are so fun!

  13. Troy Grover says:

    These pictures are killer. So crisp! I’m excited you got the 50mm 1.2 as well. I already love that lens to death. Have a happy New Year!