The other night as the sun was setting I was able to photograph three little sisters. I loved the light, and the session. It’s such a joy to draw out the true personalities of kids and I felt like that’s just what we did. I love the funny faces, the giggling smiles, the curiosity, the proud older sister looks, and the happiness of it all.

These first few are some of my all-time favorites. And the fact that the middle child always likes to make funny faces, well, made it that much more sweet to document.


What beautiful princesses — don’t they just melt your heart? Those eyes….



I can just feel how proud the older sister is to now take care of two siblings.


This one is so busy. Look, she’s getting ready to run real fast to the next spot in the yard to explore.



With two sisters who wanted to be on the move and one who can’t move, it was a challenge to get them together for a few shots (hence the pirate boat swing). But wow, do I love the above image! It simply makes me smile to see their personalities come alive. If I were the mommy, I’d treasure this photo over a formal posed shot any day. Look at how happy the littlest one is perched between her two older sisters. See how the middle child is making her usual beloved funny faces. And check out how the oldest sibling has a tender hand on her little sister. This is the way you want to remember kids — as they are in the moment. These girls will grow so fast and it brings me joy to know we documented how they are today.

Triple the Sweetness

  1. These are just gorgeous! I totally love the last photo of all three girls in the swing. Love how the oldest girl is tenderly touching her little sister, and the middle one is goofing off with her silly faces – I know the family is going absolutely love and cherish these photos. They’re such a beautiful slice of life, and really show the girls’ personalities. You are an amazing talent, Carolyn.

  2. cindy chen says:

    These images are absolutely GORGEOUS. You truly captured this moment in time for this family. What a cherished gift.

  3. Such little beauties!! Carolyn, your style compliments these little girls perfectly! I’ll bet their mom will treasure these images close to her heart forever!

  4. Jane Combs says:

    You always get such beautiful subjects to photograph!!

  5. I absolutely love the playfulness of the last photo. That is a true “lifestyle” photo. Those girls have some amazing eyes!

  6. Karie McLain says:

    Carolyn – beautiful! Makes me want more girls in my family 🙂 xx

  7. Joyce Smith says:

    Beautiful, Carolyn!

  8. Rachel Olsen says:

    What darling kiddos…you really captured their personalities- well done!!!