I had the best family session the other day, and just had to give a sneak peek of this fun family portrait. I love the contemporary feel of this image as kids and parents jumped in the hatchback of their Range Rover—a place where they spend much time running from activity to activity so I’m told. I think it’s a fantastic portrait and while I’m still editing all the other images, I just couldn’t resist sharing this one right away. So, start brainstorming those cards D family!


Feel a Holiday Card Coming On

  1. what an incredibly gorgeous family!!! beautiful picture.

  2. Sharon McCafferty says:

    I am not even kidding – this family could not look more beautiful – relaxed, happy, loved – the image is lovely….

  3. Jen says:

    I love this! So real & fun. They look so happy & the color and skin tones are perfection!!