There’s nothing quite like photographing a baby in his or her first days of life. In fact, if you are expecting a baby, it’s best to schedule your newborn session while pregnant—like this smart new mommy did. That way, when you’re on the way to the hospital, all arrangements are set and you’ll be sure to have photos of your newborn baby in those early days. I couldn’t wait for this family to deliver because I just knew their little one would be the sweetest bundle. And was I ever right!

I love these early closeup images.



Little m’s room was decorated so nicely. From all the vintage Fisher-Price toys on the shelves to the antique dry sink that mommy and daddy converted, smartly, into a changing table to the quilt made by the proud grandmother, it was all so beautifully thought out and put together with love. What a special place for a special baby.


Look at her all swaddled up — she’s breathtaking.


And of course, we couldn’t let the session end without including the firstborn. While so gentle and kind with the new baby, he was beyond thrilled to steal the limelight for a few seconds. He couldn’t believe his ears when we invited him to jump on the bed!


8 Days Old

  1. Brady says:

    Great pics Carolyn! Love the softness of the photos! This session is so very sweet.

  2. Great session Carolyn…these images are fantastic. I know this couple is going to love having these images and memories of their baby. I hope you’re doing well.

  3. beautiful pictures Carolyn! I especially love the close up ones!

  4. Mark says:

    Amazing pics. And I didn’t realize dogs really had “expressions” until this shot – there’s a new “baby” in town!

  5. cindy chen says:

    This is a GORGEOUS session and you have such beautiful light Carolyn. All those tiny parts shots are amazing. I love baby’s vintage Fisher Price toys too. I had some of those back in the day… wish my parents had kept them!

  6. Rachel says:

    sweet sweet sweet!! these are to die for Carolyn. great session!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful images!

  8. Jane Combs says:

    I’m wondering if I’m going to know 3 blog entires in a row…I’ll stay tuned.

  9. Rachel Olsen says:

    beautiful!!! i just want to snuggle her. Beautiful light- great job!!

  10. Rachel says:

    The two vintage shots of baby’s room are some of my favorites ever!! Love them!

  11. michelle says:

    OH, wow! I love the vintage toy decorations! And what great detail shots.

  12. Joyce Smith says:

    Beautiful!! I love a good doggie on the bed in the foreground photo!! : )