These two little children are so good to each other, and it certainly shows! I loved seeing their sweet interactions with each other as they hugged, played, and simply enjoyed being brother and sister. What an honor to capture their story together.

(And in this photo below, didn’t mom do such a great job coordinating their outfits?! I love how she used yellow to bring both ensembles together. Great example of how to coordinate without overly matching.)


It was such a pleasant morning playing with each of them too. Little s’s room is adorable, with very special American Girl dolls and favorite toys. And look at that smile! Wow, I get to photograph cute kids!




One of baby j’s absolute joys in life is to look out the front window of their magnificent door. I love documenting those little things parents want to remember about their children. It’s the little moments of today that mean so much tomorrow.

Here’s another glimpse at the tenderness these two share as big sis holds her little brother on the stairs. So attentive and loving. As an only child myself, I marvel at the unique relationship siblings have together.


Mom and dad, I know how much the grandparents have been asking for photos! I think they’ll be excited to see these so feel free to send the blog link to them. Plus, your slideshow will be ready for viewing by the end of this weekend so you will of course want to send that link to them too. Thanks for a great morning last weekend!

Sweet Siblings