While planning for this session, the mom had told me over the phone that they always clear out the furniture, crank up their iTunes real loud, and dance like crazy as a family. I mean, how much fun is that?! Over the phone I smiled real big, knowing I’d be able to document who this family truly is together, and that I couldn’t wait. The day of our session, I was greeted with happy faces and loud music—a usual in their household. From there, we also explored the play room, favorite books, little c and t’s adorable rooms, and even had time to go outside for the first fall of fresh snow. Thanks B family for the hot cocoa at the end too. What a fabulous way to wrap up a fantastic afternoon!





While playing in their rooms, I loved snapping some photos of c with her very special favorite blankie and sweet doll house.


And of t surrounded by his favorite books.


They had a super cool mural in their play room too. What a fun backdrop!


And here’s everyone playing outside. I loved grabbing a family shot in the snow. What a beautiful day with a beautiful family!


Dancing to iTunes

  1. Karie McLain says:

    Carolyn! I love the new blog! It is BEAU-TI-FUL! Let’s plan a phone date soon!

  2. Jane Combs says:

    The itunes girl could be a model! Beautiful eyes. Great work capturing the fun.

  3. lena says:

    what a beautiful shoot (and blog)!
    xoxo, Lena