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The early evening sun filtered through the trees and placed specks of light onto the gravel path. It was a glorious day’s end, and I was able to spend it with this beautiful family. Our time together just warmed my heart. All family members were so at ease with one another and simply enjoyed each […]

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  • Sharon McCafferty - I love these images – one is as lovely as the next and the picture at the end – PRICELESS. Oh my goodness Carolyn – this is simply a lovely snapshot. Just lovely. (Have I mentioned I think they’re lovely???)

    Thanks for letting us take a peek. Inspiring work!

  • Melissa Surprise - Love the colors and how they pop. Those kids are just sweet! Great job as always Carolyn.

  • Chris Centofanti - Carolyn, these are simply beautiful. What a treasure for this family. How I wish I had such an amazing photo of my grandparents…..what a priceless gift!

  • gwendolyn waite - Beautiful light, beautiful color, beautiful emotion. Lovely job, Carolyn. You have captured some treasures.

  • robyn van rens - once again, beautiful. i can’t decide which is my fave, but the last one w/ the grandparents really touched me – just unexpected, i guess.

  • Amie Kocher - I love the one of the grandparents! What a wonderful picture! I agree w/Chris. I wish I had this picture of my grandparents too! Good work… :)

  • Rachel Olsen - Oh Carolyn…the last two sessions are awesome! Makes me want to dig into my closest for some fabulous color! You really caught both of these families in their full glory. Well done!

  • Cindy Chen - Another gorgeous family session. I love the lighting, the colors and the pure emotion you captured in every shot. Wonderful work as always Carolyn!

This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever had! For one, it was at the beach. Two, it was five fantastic boys. Three, it was so carefree and relaxed. I truly loved running around the beach with you K family, playing bocce ball, splashing in the water, and just feeling the sand between […]

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  • Lauri - Wow Carolyn, these are absolutely amazing!! The colors are beautiful and you did an amazing job at capturing ‘them’!

  • Rachel Clare - So vibrant! These radiate joy!!

  • gwendolyn waite - Wow, Carolyn – I’m blown away by these vibrant, fun family photos! Looks like everyone had such a fabulous time, and I’m sure the family will treasure them forever.

  • Cara - Great photos Carolyn! You do an amazing job and the family is just beautiful.

  • Tracy Larsen - These are fantastic!!!!! Love all the fun colors and great shots. Makes me want 5 boys… ;)

  • Jane Combs - I’m sending this to friends that vacation there too!! :) Great.

  • Sharon McCafferty - I cannot get over how beautiful your clients are! One family is as radiant as the next! These images look great – natural, relaxed, happy and lovely. Thanks for letting us sneak a peek!

  • Megan Erickson - The k fam pictures are so cute. I love all the bright colors! you really captured all the boys personalities in them. such a great job! –Meg

  • Ang - Love the last family picture- they look like they need to be on a cover for Izod!

  • Melissa Surprise - What a super fun session on the beach. 5 boys!!! Wow. Such a wonderful job and I love the bright colors of the shirts.

  • Kelly - How refreshing to see beach pictures in everything BUT white and kacky!!!! These are amazing! Truly captures what it must be like to have a family of 5 boys.

  • Cindy Chen - I absolutely love these beach images!!! The colors just pop and are so fun!

  • Troy Grover - These pictures are killer. So crisp! I’m excited you got the 50mm 1.2 as well. I already love that lens to death. Have a happy New Year!

I’m not one for gadgets or the latest or greatest trend. In fact, my photography equipment is pretty simple — my favorite camera and a handful of lenses. However when I discovered something that saves me time and helps me love editing even more, well, I can’t stop talking about it. It’s called autoloader and […]

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  • Jane Combs - Glad to hear you’ll have so much more time in the day. Hopefully you can use it for yourself! See you Sunday.

  • Cindy Chen - What a beautiful shot!!! So pretty.

The other night as the sun was setting I was able to photograph three little sisters. I loved the light, and the session. It’s such a joy to draw out the true personalities of kids and I felt like that’s just what we did. I love the funny faces, the giggling smiles, the curiosity, the […]

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  • gwendolyn waite - These are just gorgeous! I totally love the last photo of all three girls in the swing. Love how the oldest girl is tenderly touching her little sister, and the middle one is goofing off with her silly faces – I know the family is going absolutely love and cherish these photos. They’re such a beautiful slice of life, and really show the girls’ personalities. You are an amazing talent, Carolyn.

  • cindy chen - These images are absolutely GORGEOUS. You truly captured this moment in time for this family. What a cherished gift.

  • Ann Westerman - Such little beauties!! Carolyn, your style compliments these little girls perfectly! I’ll bet their mom will treasure these images close to her heart forever!

  • Jane Combs - You always get such beautiful subjects to photograph!!

  • Melissa Surprise - I absolutely love the playfulness of the last photo. That is a true “lifestyle” photo. Those girls have some amazing eyes!

  • Karie McLain - Carolyn – beautiful! Makes me want more girls in my family :) xx

  • Joyce Smith - Beautiful, Carolyn!

  • Rachel Olsen - What darling kiddos…you really captured their personalities- well done!!!

It has been such a joy to edit these photos from my last family session the other weekend. Every image tells a story of how loving these siblings are toward one another and what a strong family they are all together. The most difficult thing is picking a favorite!

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  • Cindy - You are right Carolyn, it is hard to pick a favorite! What a beautiful family and these gorgeous images convey their happiness! I love the one with the bugger kids swinging their little sister. Fastastic… As always!

  • gwendolyn waite - Such fun, colorful family photos – love the pink dresses! What a great idea to photograph in the back of the family car! Beautiful.

  • Rachel Clare - These are gorgeous Carolyn! I’m sure this family will be so happy with these! The colors are outrageous, and their happiness is apparent!

  • Melissa Surprise - Love the shot with the dog in the car! These kids are so sweet.

  • Rachel Olsen - Gorgeous gorgeous! Love the color and what a precious family!

I had the best family session the other day, and just had to give a sneak peek of this fun family portrait. I love the contemporary feel of this image as kids and parents jumped in the hatchback of their Range Rover—a place where they spend much time running from activity to activity so I’m […]

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  • Katie Williams - what an incredibly gorgeous family!!! beautiful picture.

  • Sharon McCafferty - I am not even kidding – this family could not look more beautiful – relaxed, happy, loved – the image is lovely….

  • Joyce - Beautiful!!!!

  • Jen - I love this! So real & fun. They look so happy & the color and skin tones are perfection!!

These adorable ice cream party invites and thank you note cards arrived the other day and I am so excited to share them here on the blog! Aren’t they so delicious?! These cards were specially made for Back2Back ministries to help raise financial support for a husband and wife team who are moving to Mexico […]

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  • gwendolyn waite - Carolyn – these are GORGEOUS! Love the fun cards, and what fun product shots! You’re so creative!!!

  • Tracy Larsen - How beautiful and fun!!! Love them all.

  • Ann Westerman - Such a unique and exquisite offering! You have the best style!

  • Karie McLain - Yipeee! Thanks girl! I’m so excited! :) Great stuff as usual :)

  • Jane Combs - Cool cards Carolyn! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the holidays. :)

  • Katherine Bowman - One again, beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me! :)

I have been having loads of fun working with the designer of Sweet Pea Style who designs and creates custom clothing for children. She has the most adorable holiday line premiering and I am excited to showcase a few of the designs on my blog. And for our little models who wore winter clothing in […]

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  • gwendolyn waite - Beautiful! You captured them so sweetly, and what fun clothes!

  • cindy chen - Beautiful images and beautiful clothes!

  • christine wallace - Can those kids and their clothes get any cuter? Your photos are a rare treat. Thank you.

  • B - You do such an amazing job at getting pictures of kids at thier best. They look so genuinely happy.

  • Melissa - That is the sweetest dress.

I loved photographing these little sisters romping around in the tall sunflowers. What a summer treat! I played with sun flare here and am so happy with the warm and sunny feeling. I just can’t help but smile.

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  • Chris Centofanti - Carolyn, I saw those sunflowers and was just mesmerized! How awesome that you got to capture them with such beautiful sisters :) Love your work! You are exceptionately talented!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Sharon McCafferty - These are really wonderful Carolyn. The girls are beautiful – and with the flowers? A priceless combination! Thanks for sharing!

  • gwendolyn waite - Carolyn, these are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful location, and you captured the girls so perfectly. These just give me goosebumps!!!

  • Jen - Wonderful! I’m so jealous of that stunning location! What fun!

  • Melissa - I want a field like this by my house!!! Great photos as usual Carolyn! The photo of the girl by herself in the field would make a beautiful canvas.

  • Andrew Schaefer - Carolyn this is such an amazing session…every images is so great and you perfectly captured the emotion and feeling of the location.

  • Melissa Surprise Photography Blog » Just Enjoying A Summer Day… - […] I was feeling inspired after one of my favorite photog pals posted some great photos on her blog, HERE. I wish I could find  a field like this, but I will take what I can […]

  • cindy chen - These are simply gorgeous! The field of flowers, the little girls, the color and flare… absolute perfection Carolyn!

  • Tracy Larsen - Amazing photos and unbelievable location!!! You never cease to amaze me Carolyn!!!

  • Karie McLain - Amazing Carolyn! These are fantastic! I can’t wait to catch up again :)

  • Rachel Olsen - Love, love love them! I want a field of sunflowers to play in too!!!!

  • Lee Ann Fuller - Gorgeous work Carolyn!!! The sunflower field is an absolutely amazing location!!! Love all of these!!

  • John F. Anthony - Spectacular photos, professional yet charming and casual. They reveal the fun of childhood.

Things have been busy this summer. Not only have I had the priviledge of photographing so many wonderful families, but I have also been working hard at my own family’s summer photos—what a big treat that all is for me! I hope everyone is enjoying creating memories of their own with their little and loved […]

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  • Rachel - YAY Jen!! Carolyn, I love this sunflower shot- such amazing colors! Loved our chat a few weeks ago- we should do it again!!

  • Ann Westerman - Such a beautiful, dreamy image!

  • gwendolyn waite - Carolyn, this image is just stunning! Love it’s vibrancy – just like you!!!

  • Jen - Yippee! Just got back in town & saw this! Thanks so much Carolyn! REading your blog is always a treat. Gorgeous sunflower image too!!

  • piper - OMG, amazing shot! I just love it. I need a huge print of that to make me smile everyday!