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I loved entering into the peaceful home of this precious 15-week old baby girl and her mommy and daddy who have just been over the moon since her arrival. Sweet miss o was so enjoyable to photograph. Documenting a baby’s early days in her nursery with those who love her like crazy, well, it was […]

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  • Karie McLain - Beautiful Carolyn!

  • Alison - So lovely and such beautiful lighting! I love the image of the baby looking over her mother’s shoulder.

  • Molly Feldhaus - I love them already! Made me cry! So is so sweet!
    Cant even wait to see the rest. How am I even going
    to choose! Thank you so much!

  • Cara - Great work. Love the shot of Olivia falling asleep. Maggie loved them all too – she was smiling so big as we looked through them.

  • robyn - as usual, your photos make my heart melt

  • Lauri - Wow, the color is amazing. Very inspiring session as I head to one next week with with a kiddo this age!

  • Jane Combs - What a doll!

  • Rachel Olsen - Oh Carolyn- you captured such pure moments! What a doll she is. Gorgeous light and composition as always. I just want to squeeze her!

  • Melissa - Wow, look at those eyes! I love the pictures of the parents peeking into the crib. So sweet.

  • Alison - simply perfect!!!

  • Rachel Clare - Carolyn,
    These are priceless. Just perfect!

  • cindy chen - I love the realness that you capture in your sessions Carolyn. What a precious and priceless gift for this family.

  • gwen - Such beautiful, real moments you have captured. What a wonderful memory for this family!

  • Miranda - her eyes are so beautiful! Perfect!

  • James Christianson - Hi Carolyn,

    Your images are amazing! Really incredible! Love to see how far you’ve come. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.


It was so wonderful to meet all the kids of this amazing family. They are so charming, kind, sweet, and fun! And I couldn’t believe how excited they all were for our day together. Truly, they made my job so super easy! We started off in their home as the kids proudly showed off their […]

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  • Wiff - Sooooo cute! These make me so happy! You are a bucket of talent!

  • Ann Westerman - Wow – what a beautiful family and all the images are GORGEOUS! I cannot get over how happy they all are. Your sessions must be a blast!

  • Lauri - I love the family shots. What a sweet family!

  • Jane Combs - Another adorable family. You must attract them. Great family shot, everyone looks so happy!

  • Tiffany - We know the Baldwins and love them! What amazing pictures you got of their beautiful family! LOVE them all. You are crazy talented!

  • gwen - What a fun family, and such wonderful captures! You must have such a fabulous time at your sessions – it truly shows!

  • Candace Sheets - These are AMAZING Carolyn! Looks like everyone had a blast :)

  • Irene Frankhouse - I love the crisp look of all the images. They are amazing!!

  • Melissa - What a great dressed family! And a lovely family at that. Looked like a fun time.

  • cindy chen - What a gorgeous session and gorgeous family! These images are so much fun. I love that you can just feel their love and happiness in these images. You are a fabulous photographer Carolyn!

  • Jen - STOP! This is such a great session! I love it so much. ADORE the one of mom & dad getting cozy. :)

Upon entering this family’s house just before Christmas, I fell in love with all their holiday decorations, burning fireplaces, and huge 16 foot tree. I knew this was a fun, festive family who would be a joy to spend the morning with. And I was right! We had a ball with the three sweet, kind, […]

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  • Jane Combs - The hat photo in front of the tree is great. So creative!

  • Melissa - Just awesome! The babies eyes look like glass, the little girl, so sweet, and one proud big brother.

    Great work!

  • Ann Westerman - Beautiful images Carolyn! I love the images of the little girl in her bedroom. Gorgeous colors!

  • Rachel Olsen - What fantastic moments! I adore the first one- those eyes are to die for! And the Christmas tree shot is fabulous. Wonderful work! Best, Rachel

  • Rachel Clare - Yep- that Christmas tree shot is perfect! And I love the ones of this pretty girl in her room. :)

  • Wiff - These are so so so cute!!!!

  • Candace Sheets - Looks like you have such fun on your shoots! Love the shot in front of the tree (is that tree upside down?)

When a mom from New York City contacted me for a session, I was so glad our schedules coordinated. I would be in town that weekend and was happy to squeeze in a session. So, we scheduled our time together and crossed our fingers for good weather. Well, the gods must have been on our […]

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  • Rachel Olsen - What a fabulous shoot! I can only hope for nice weather for my visit in Jan. I love the shots walking down the street- such joy! I hope that you had some great relaxing time too while you were out there! Wishing you the best, Rachel

  • Cara - Fabulous shots Carolyn! I love how you capture the joy and happiness each time.

  • Kelly - Wow! I love the colors in the flower shop photo. The flowers themselves with all the blues and greens in the steps are amazing, not to mention the beautiful children! You are soooo good at what you do Carolyn!

  • Ann Westerman - What a fun session! I love how in all of your sessions the children are always so relaxed and having so much fun. You capture such genuine expressions. And the colors are gorgeous!!

  • Melissa - I can’t wait to shoot in NY! How fun!

I had photographed this family two years ago when I first opened my doors as a photography business. They were such a pleasure, so I was thrilled when they contacted me saying they were expecting their third boy! During my emails with the mom there were a few days of silence. I had figured she […]

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  • Melissa - What a sweet family, mom looks great for just having a baby. That is how I see my future, 3 boys.

  • Cara - Absolutely beautiful! All the boys are adorable. Keep up the great work.

  • gwen - You’ve really captured the interactions between this beautiful family so very well Carolyn. Beautiful photos that they will treasure for a lifetime.

  • Tracy Larsen - AMAZING as always! Love them all.

  • Jane Combs - Great shots and beautiful subjects. Should we be happy or upset with the fact that Mom looks so fabulous? Let’s go with happy!

  • Sharon McCafferty - Really? This family has an 8 day old baby in the house and they are already so relaxed? Echoing other comments – the photos are beautiful and the family is clearly a team. I love how you were able to get so many great shots of EVERYONE. Very inspiring. The light is just beautiful and it all looks amazing. Also echoing the comments about Mom – did you really just have a baby 8 days ago? You look amazing – as does the family. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy - What an gorgeous session. Love every single one. Amazing heartfelt images as always Carolyn!

  • Rachel Olsen - Wow, wow, wow. What beautiful images! I adore that first collage. Great inspiration going into my newborn shoot this weekend :)!

The mix of all elements for our session couldn’t be more perfect. The warm autumn air. Sweet as pie boys. Parking lots just waiting to be used as marvelous backdrops. Ice cream cones from the best parlor in town. Mommy & daddy excited and ready for anything. Yes, all the stars aligned for a fantastic […]

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  • Jane Combs - Great! I didn’t even notice the setting, I was too busy looking at their beautiful eyes. :)

  • gwen - What a fun photo session! It looks like everybody had such a great time together, and you captured some gorgeous photos of all of them. Beautiful!

  • Katie Williams - You have such a clarity to your photos that most photographers strive for…these are amazing!!!

  • piper kinney - Will you come to Texas and shoot my family?
    I love these images, great job as always!

When this cool family asked me to take portraits of their soon-to-be three year old on the playground, I knew it’d be a fun day! Mommy, daddy, and little L love to hit the playground scene. And from our time together, I can tell you she especially loves the slide! Happiness swells up inside knowing […]

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  • Ann Westerman - Carolyn – such beautiful images! These are such special memories and you captured this moment in time perfectly.

  • Kris - Carolyn, we are thrilled! You did such a wonderful job and we had a blast. Thanks!

  • Tracy Larsen - What sweet images!

  • gwen - Gorgeous photos! Love the one with the polka dot pants and her pink high tops! So cute!

I looove halloween. There’s always been something about the crisp fall air when little ghouls, goblins and fairies get to fly free in the neighborhood. The sweet stickiness of candy filling the brim of your plastic orange pumpkin. And the way everyone’s excitement lights up the dark streets. It’s all so magical. Soon the sun […]

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  • Cindy Chen - Happy Halloween!!! All the pumpkins are so cute (especially that one on the left)!

  • Melissa Surprise - I bet yours is the big happy smile on the right! Nice and happy like you.

  • Carolyn - Yes, mine is the smiley face one!!!

  • Tracy Larsen - What a sweet Halloween memory!

Little miss c was such a kind host at her house for our session the other day. She allowed me to photograph her doing so many fun things — from swinging on her new swing set to running in the backyard to jumping in the leaves to dancing in her room and to top it […]

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  • piper kinney - Beautiful images Carolyn, as always great job! What a sweet little family!

  • Melissa Surprise - What a sweet little thing. That BW picture is stunning!

  • Mimi - Mimi loves the BW and the jumping in the leaves!
    Mimi wants one of each please lol!

  • Jen - What a great session! I love fall & you’ve captured it so well here. She is darling. Love that last one of the whole family snuggling. Wonderful!

  • Mark Hilvert - What a beautiful family, with photography that really captures their essence! Brilliant work Carolyn! Look at those EYES in the black & white!

  • Cindy Chen - What a gorgoeus little girl and a super fun session. I love all the little moments you captured.

  • Irene Frankhouse - Very cute little girl…love these!!

  • Ann Westerman - Such sweet images Carolyn!! The black and white image is mesmerizing!

  • Rachel Olsen - Fabulous! Love the colors and the spirit of the little one- what a sweetie, and you captured it so well!

As a children’s photographer, I normally stick with just taking pictures of kids. But when this couple asked me to do their engagement photos, I just couldn’t say no. They are so lively, magnetic, sweet, kind, down-to-earth and simply put, amazing. So, it was an easy choice. And it was an honor to document the […]

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  • Melissa Surprise - Hot stuff Carolyn!!! Maybe you should go to Jamaica with them!

  • Rachel Olsen - Weddings in your future…it’s fun!

  • Katrina and Damaune - They look amazing Carolyn! You’re brilliant!…and we concur, you should come to Jamaica with us! Thank you so much for doing this. We can’t wait to see the rest.

  • gwen - Awesome photos Carolyn! You really captured their love for each other beautifully.

  • Cindy Chen - I’m a huge fan of your children’s work and these engagement photos are specatular too! You captured their love in these images. Great work!

  • Karie McLain - Beautiful stuff Carolyn! I love these!!