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It’s always fun to document families participating in activities that are special and dear to their hearts. This family has a grandmother who was a pianist so music is something they appreciate and enjoy doing together. It was a joy to see the kids strum the guitar, play drums with tree branches, sit down to […]

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  • gwen - Oh, Carolyn. This is my most favorite session of yours… love the instruments, the lighting is just gorgeous, everything is just perfect. What a wonderful gift to this family.

  • Cindy - I agree with Gwen!! What a fun and magical and special session for this family! I love everything about it Carolyn! Sweet perfection!

  • Wiff - Makes me want to go to the woods and play a guitar! How gorgeous. I love it.

  • piper kinney - beautiful…beautiful…beautiful!

  • Melissa - I love this session. Kieran is a fan of the guitar and would love a shoot like this.

This summer I moved my studio office to a new room in my home, and just love the freshly updated space. I wanted the room to be clean, functional, organized, and fun. It’s still a work-in-progress as more artwork is to be hung on the walls, hardwood floors to be installed on the floors, and […]

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  • Melissa - This might be the cleanest and most organized white office I have ever seen. Looks great!!!!

  • Kelly - Beautiful, Carolyn! I love the peonies in the bird vases. What a happy space!

  • Jane Combs - WOW. I’m impressed. What a cool space. You’ve inspired me to get organized!!! Love the little vases and everything about it–especially those large drawers.

  • robyn - gorgeous! i am impressed ;-)

  • Wiff - Zowie, you have outdone yourself! It could not be more gorgeous. Looks fresh out of a magazine!

  • Cara Breitenstein - Beautiful! It looks like the cover of a magazine. Hope you are all doing well!

  • sharon - I think you need to go into room design, or maybe cube design? I will be your first customer! I remember your bertoia chairs from northlich….

  • Chantel - Wow, that looks so great! And so organized. That is how I *wish* my office would look!

This sweet family of five just returned from living in Geneva, Switzerland for a few years. They are now back in Cincinnati living in temporary housing while their gorgeous new home is being built, and just couldn’t wait to squeeze in a session before their baby turns one year old. I’m so glad they didn’t […]

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  • piper kinney - Beautiful images Carolyn! What adorable kids!

  • sally clark - Your images are just rockin’, Carolyn. The colors are beautiful, the images crisp and the kids ADORABLE!

  • Cindy - Fun and beautiful!!! I loved looking at each one of their smiling faces! I can tell they had a super fun time with you Carolyn. These are fastasic.

  • Rachel Olsen - gorgeous, as always! what a fun shoot. wish you were here in co to capture us!! best, rachel

  • Ann - Gotta love such a cute group!! Great job!

I have been very quiet on the blog lately as I have been doing some summer travels and busy creating memories with my own family. Of course while I absolutely love documenting special moments for families year-round, I have taken a little break to spend extra time with my kids and husband. It has been […]

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  • Jane Combs - I love seeing the vacation pics. We have friends going there tomorrow. Glad to hear you had fun!! Where are the pics of Mama? :)

  • sharon - I agree with Jane – where’s the photos of you??? You better document the baby – even just in your belly – so she can never say “hey – how come there are no pics of me?” : )

    The pics look super lovely – not too crowded but still fun. Thanks for posting!

  • Carolyn - You’re right, I’m always behind the camera. :)

  • Melissa - I think I said this last year, but I need you to come on my vacation to take pictures :)

This little baby boy was the sweetest thing ever. He just slept and ate and cuddled throughout our time together. Mommy was super relaxed too, which made for a wonderful session. I love the beautiful portraits we created for their new family.

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  • gwen - Such beautiful, light, airy photos. Gorgeous. Love the little feet. Precious.

  • Melinda - Um….This baby is so precious…although, i am biased…it’s my baby!! The pictures are beautiful!!

    Thank you!!

  • Melinda - I love this baby!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  • sharon - So cute – a cute baby and the images are perfect. I also love his hair! Thanks for sharing…

  • Melissa - So sweet!! I can’t believe that it was so dark during this shoot, you would never tell looking at your photos. Just beautiful!

  • Rachel Olsen - Absolutely darling. I love the light and simplicity! Very inspiring!!

  • runa - Too cute!!!

Mother’s day is this weekend and I just couldn’t wait to share this beautiful gift a dad of five boys ordered for his wife. He wanted to do something really special for her, and wow, did he ever! Isn’t this canvas wall gallery simply divine? It’s 7 individual canvases displayed together for a clean, modern […]

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  • gwen - Carolyn, this is absolutely divine! The canvases turned out so lovely. What an incredibly thoughtful gift for this mom!

  • Rachel Clare - Oh my gosh, I would DIE to get this! Such stunning photographs anyway, and those colors are so fresh and bright! She’s going to be so excited!! (I hope she doesnt’ look at your blog before Sunday!) ;)

  • Melissa - This came out super fantastic Carolyn!! Dad has a winner on his hands!

  • Sari - What a gorgeous display!

  • KIM K - Carolyn, I LOVE this… I can’t believe how gorgeous it is. thank you thank you thank you… And happy Mothers Day to YOU!

  • Wiff - How beautiful is this!!!!!!! Wow! That’s all I can come up with.

  • Katie - I LOVE this! How did you mount the canvases together?

  • Jane - Wow, how cool. I love this. Are they all connected? So cool. Would love to see it hung. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  • Lauri - wow!! absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Carolyn - I appreciate everyone’s excitement about the canvases. Thanks for your comments. I had a few questions mixed in there about how they are arranged. They are individual canvases and are not connected. They are designed to be displayed pushed together for a modern, streamlined look. I created each canvas to have white edging so the entire piece comes together as a whole. I’m really happy with the results, and am glad others are too! Thanks!

  • Tracy Larsen - I’m in love with this! Beautiful work Carolyn!

I was really happy to photograph these adorable twin sisters shortly after they celebrated their first birthday. These sweet little girls and their mommies were so much fun to spend the day with at their lovely home. We had tons of fun playing with toys, tickling on the bed, and going outside to pick dandelions. […]

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  • sharon - Wow – I have been waiting with baited breath to see these images. And the whole experience of seeing your images did not disappoint. From the Tea Collection dresses – complementary and not overly matchy-matchy – to the great design of the house. And the radiance of all the people in the pictures. Carolyn, you’ve captured everything so perfectly. The colors, the smiles, the light, the day. Perfect!

    By the way – Amy and Betsy – your house is gorgeous. Submit the nursery photos to Apartment Therapy asap.

  • Rachel Olsen - Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous group of ladies. I adore the house and you did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the day. Beautiful!!

  • Wiff - These are beautiful! I know they must be proud of these cute things!

  • Jane Combs - So adorable! They should model for the collection, seriously. Great moments you captured.

  • Ann Westerman - Wow – GORGEOUS colors!! What a beautiful family and these images are going to be priceless memories for them! Stunning work Carolyn!

  • Lauri - Beautiful colors!! What a couple of cuties!!

  • Cindy Chen - Wow Carolyn! What a fantastic session and beautiful momemnts you captured. I love the yellow wall family portrait! So fun!

  • gwen - What fun! Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Gorgeous!

  • Melissa - LOVE the colors in their outfits. Are they TEA Collection? These girls have some beautiful blue eyes!

  • Erin Lang - i love how the moms are laughing in the background as the quiet, reserved one cheeses for the camera. Such a sweet moment captured so perfectly. Really well done.

I had the joy of photographing a beautiful spring baby girl the other day. At only 7 days old, she was so happy to snuggle, sleep, and eat. My kind of girl! Thanks B family for inviting me into your home during these special early days. It was an honor to be one of the […]

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  • Lisa - Speechless, Carolyn. Absolutely beautiful!

  • Wiff - Soooo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :) I love them all.

  • Cara - Absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of Maggie’s newborn photo shoot almost a year ago. My how time flies. I miss her being so little but love watching her grow and learn.

  • Ann Westerman - Such timeless images Carolyn! Beautiful job!!

  • piper kinney - love the processing on the first three and beautiful b and w’s! Gorgeous images as always Carolyn!

  • Melissa - Gotta love a fresh little baby!! So sweet.

  • gwen - Carolyn, these are just gorgeous. Love the warm, casual and intimate feel these all have. Beautiful.

  • Katie Maney - Oh my goodness, Carolyn! That first shot is just DARLING. What a sweetie! Beautiful photos, as always.

  • sharon - THe first pic is especially great – you can practically hear what that baby is thinking “quit making a fuss over me” – so sweet! Great pictures – lovely and fresh and spring-y too…

I am so excited to share my new camera tote bag with everyone! I spied it last year online and just had to have it. Well, so did everyone else apparently because there was a waiting list. Nonetheless, my husband told me to get on the list and said he’d buy one for me as […]

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  • gwen - This looks fantastic Carolyn – thanks so much for the gorgeous shots of your lovely new bag!

  • Cara - LOVE IT! I am addicted to bags and this looks like something I need but probably want more. Do you use it even when you don’t have your camera wit you (if that ever happens)? Looks like this good be a good Mother’s Day gift…

  • Carolyn - Yes, this is a perfect mother’s day gift! Good thinking! Right now I only use it when I have my camera, which is often. As your little one gets older you will love taking it to the playground, preschool, dance classes, and so many other family outings. It’s a wonderful bag. And, I hear she’s coming out with new fresh colors this April. Let me know if you get one!

  • Jane Combs - I want one! Maybe if I start with the bag, the new camera will magically appear?!?

  • Mr & Mrs Pineapple Seed · From our customers and around the web - […] post from one of sweetest customers, Carolyn. Great insight from a photographer’s […]

  • Lauri - Very cute carolyn! And great product shots too! (still loving the flowers!!)

I have a confession to make. It’s been a long, gloomy winter for me. One of my best and oldest friends, my Grammy, passed away. We struggled with the decision on whether or not to move across the country (we’re not, we’re staying!) And if I’m truly honest, my beautiful home simply got messy and […]

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  • Melissa - Great to have you back my friend. I am sorry for all the tough days and decisions you had to make. I am happy you are staying put but at the same time sad you won’t be closer to me ;) Hugs and know I love ya! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  • Jane Combs - So sorry to hear about your Grammy. Glad the flowers were uplifting for you, they’re beautiful. Hope to get together soon! I never win anything, can’t believe it.

  • gwen - Carolyn, such beautiful, bright photos. You’ve had some tough decisions and hard times this winter. We’re always here for you, just remember that, whether you’re feeling your usual cheerful self or not! Can’t wait to see you next month!

  • Ann Westerman - So excited to see you back to blogging! I always look forward to your beautiful, colorful, happy images!! Your work is so uplifting!

  • piper kinney - yes, so glad to see you here again and happy for your old self to back :) Keep the beautiful images coming!

  • Cara - Hi Carolyn! Spring flowers make me so happy too! I am so sorry you have had a gloomy winter and especially sorry to hear about your Grammy. I am so anxious to see some more of your work. Hope you are enjoying this week full of warm days, blue skies and even spring rain! Hope to see you soon!

  • Jen - Yeah for Spring & for the sunrise on your horizon. So sorry for your loss. These images are just great. I especially love the first. Excited to get my gift card. Thank you so much! Mwaahhh!

  • Lauri - Beautiful Carolyn! I have some daffodils sitting on my table and need some photos like this!

  • Sharon McCafferty - Like many of your friends – I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Gosh that is just so hard. How lucky your girls are to know their great grandmother! What a gift!

    And your flowers are a lovely spring antidote. I am also glad you are staying! Looking forward to a late Spring / early Summer session with you and our little “Redheads”. Take care!