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This high school senior made me teary-eyed as we photographed her session. She is my niece and as I look at these photos all I can remember is getting the phone call on the day she was born announcing the special news. And now here she is ready to follow her dreams in life as […]

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  • Cara - Oh my gosh Carolyn! She is absolutely beautiful! And of course your photography never ceases to amaze me! One word…STUNNING! What talent you have. Love seeing your work. And your niece has your smile (is it a niece on your side)? Miss you!

Photographing a small, intimate backyard wedding was a great way to kick off my summer! This couple has an amazing wedding planned for next month onboard a cruise ship, however, wanted to have a ceremony here first with good friends and family. I love the idea of having a celebration with loved ones—so magical and […]

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  • Abby - This is AWESOME! She is terrific! Your pictures are amazing, Aunt Carolyn!!

Hello blogger friends, clients, family, and all those who frequent my site! Oh how I’ve missed you! I’m finally catching up and posting a blog post. These past few months I have spent some much needed time focusing on my family, business, projects, and personal life. And by picking and choosing what to work on, […]

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This beautiful family got some ugly news the other day: that mommy has breast cancer. Not exactly what you are expecting to hear when you visit the doctor’s office. It’s a diagnosis that quickly turns life upside down. Yet in the midst of such shocking news, one of the very first things this brave mom […]

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  • Jen - Eeeeeeeek! Carolyn I am freaking out! I love them!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing your time and *talent* with us. A-mazing!

  • Cara - Carolyn you ROCK! These photos are gorgeous. It brought such tears to my eyes to see this lovely family and all they are up against. I am so glad you were able to do this for them! I am so hopeful they will face this obstacle with all the love, hope and happiness they show if these photos.

  • tracy - Your images just sparkle – and so does this family! Prayers for them all…

  • Wiff - What a gorgeous family. I know they are thrilled to have these fabulous pics. Prayers all around, way to go!

  • Julie - Beautiful images! I know these will be enjoyed and treasured. Prayers for the journey ahead for this lovely family.

  • Erin - I love these pictures. And I love how calm and strong this mom is in all these photos. You captured such a strength in her. I enjoyed reading her blog and I’m praying for her continued strength and full recovery!

  • Ann - Carolyn, these are an absolutely gorgeous collection of images and what a beautiful family they are! Love Mom & Big Sister’s strawberry hair!! :)
    I will be keeping this family in my prayers! God will be with them every step of the way!

  • Julie - Jen is our niece and thank you for the lovely photos you took…Love them all!! I watched the video and slideshow…amazing.

Thank you readers for continuing to be patient with me as I finish my updated blog. I am still working on the portfolio piece, product details, and what to wear information. I started to get busy with spring sessions so got sidetracked a little (and yes, I have sessions I must soon blog!) so please […]

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