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Behind the lens

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I’m a fine art portrait photographer who loves documenting everyday life and special events for newborns, children, seniors, and families. My approach in this fast-paced digital world is to slow down, fine tune every selected image, and create a collection of photographs that truly shines.


When not out photographing, I love spending time with my amazing husband, three kids, and dog. I also love to travel, shop flea markets, make yummy cocktails, eat good food, read whatever book my bible study is reading, hang out in the local coffee shop, and participate in our church Crossroads.



My portraits are fun, sweet, intimate, and authentic. I love color and incorporate bright pops of hues mixed with a soft pastel palette.

While fresh and modern, this also creates a timeless look that will be loved tomorrow just as much as today. One of my favorite moments

in the photography process is handing over beautiful artwork in a form that may be touched, held, admired, and shared.