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Ah, I love when the stars align and a session is just simply amazing! Paige is a gorgeous, smart, friendly, kind, big-hearted (and the list goes on) senior who was at such ease and rocked in front of the camera. She felt comfortable to just be herself and I think her sweet, bubbly personality shines through every image as a result. She’s so stunning and I love that she could’t be serious without cracking up, that her smile lights up the whole space around her, and that she has such a genuine spirit. While planning for our session, Paige had expressed she’d like to be photographed in a field, and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect. The lighting magically melted into a soft glow as we played in the tall grass, flowers, and around the trees. Paige’s mom was with us and seemed to have the ability to sit back and allow us to do our thing while also adding in some cool, fun ideas for our time together. I love that all were up for the adventure, were super relaxed, and just enjoyed this special time! This session was a blast to photograph and I’m beyond thrilled with the images. Best wishes to you Paige as you start senior year. Thank you for trusting me to document such a big event in your life.


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I love receiving email inquiries where someone wants to surprise a loved one with a photo session. Having special family portraits (and actually being in them) is such an amazing, thoughtful gift! So what fun it was for me to plan and prepare for these grandparents’ 40th anniversary session with their whole gang as a gift from their family. Knowing they wanted a beautiful, natural setting where they could just play and be together, I set out to scope out local parks. The sunlight we got at the very end of an early summer day was just perfect. What a joy it was to photograph the kids running around with their siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents. Thank you D family for all participating in the surprise gift, showing up in such wonderfully coordinated outfits, and being ready for anything. My kind of people! Thanks, and enjoy!


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This team of ladies hosted a meeting the other day where I was able to pop in and photograph them for their head shots. And lucky us, there was a touch of sun that day so we had some warmer weather with gorgeous natural light. I love the glow the sunlight gives these portraits. They just look like people I want to work with! In fact, if your student is in need of a little academic assistance to help reach their goals, these ladies are the ones to contact. The company is called LEAP and they are locally owned and operated. If interested, visit their site at They were a joy to work with, and I know your child would love working with them too! Thanks ladies for a fun morning and for allowing your personalities to shine through in your portraits.


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I created this fun, gorgeous heart collage for the family I photographed in the winter snow a few weeks ago. I love having a plan as to what to do with your treasured images after the session. It’s so great to get those family portraits on the walls for all to see and for you to enjoy years to come. This collage was created to be a 30×30 canvas, but can be any size print or even a small 5×5 card! There are lots of possibilities and it just makes me smile. I hope this gives others an idea what they can do with their portraits, or if you have a session with me, you may see these kinds of designs popping up in my product offerings.


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Every once in a while I’m reminded what we really do as photographers. It’s not just snapping the camera to get a good picture. It’s watching the magic between loved ones unfold. It’s seeing that quiet moment and catching it at the exact second so it stands still in time forever. It’s helping families create memories and laughter doing something they enjoy together. It’s giving the gift of precious photos for loved ones to enjoy now and years to come. When I stand back and see what photographers truly achieve, it makes me proud to do something in life that brings such joy and simply makes people smile.

I was reminded all this the other day during my photo session with a very special family. Two years ago Jen, this sweet mama, was diagnosed with advanced cancer and one of the very first things she requested the day she heard the news was to have a photo session arranged for her, and quickly, before chemotherapy started. To see our session at that time, check out the archive here. Fast forward two years, Jen had completely beat stage IV cancer (yes she’s an amazing fighter) but this winter it returned again. This time we did not have the luxury of squeezing in a session before chemo started so rather than waiting until it’s over, we just went for it and did it now. No time like the present, right?! I love that we came up with the idea of fun hats and scarves and sweaters out in the snow! Of all winters here in Cincinnati, this is the most snow we’ve ever seen so it was perfect for our session. Jen and I planned out the session and then waited for the next snowfall. When it started snowing, we made quick arrangements and I’m so glad we did.

We had a great time playing in the snow. The kids romped in the snow, cuddled on a sled, threw snowballs, and even made a snowman at the very end. We finished the session with an indoor treat of hot chocolate and warm cookies. Now that’s what I call a fun session! Their girls played with my girls and we just had a very enjoyable afternoon. Love that kids can pick up and play together without ever even meeting. :)

Do today well. That’s the phrase coined by this mom when she titled her blog that records her life with cancer, the days with her family, the moments she cherishes and anything that interests her in her full life. This strong mom has a grasp on life that’s amazingly inspirational. She gives plenty of squeezes and cuddles to her girls, goes on romantic dates with her adoring husband, travels the world, loves Jesus, and still finds time to do everyday things like meeting for playdates, cooking dinner, attending church, and just being a good friend. If you’d like to get to know Jen too, and read her blog, you can find it at She would also appreciate prayers for her and her family. Enjoy seeing our time together!


Patty Wheeler - You are an amazing family…

SandraA - You captured this family in all their glory. Their love and happiness is evident in every picture.

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